Helping you to see your environment offers geo-information services, consulting, manufacturing of low-cost survey instruments, 3D modeling, and 3D printing model. Potretudara is not a purely business institution, but some of the proceeds are used for research funding for students' final assignments and independent research. We develop technique that simplifying survey without loosing the 2003, starting from the research at the Department of Geodetic Engineering, Gadjah Mada University. Today has been used in the geoinformation service has built various camera sensor-based measurement and modeling system instrumentation. The existing system resulted from research at the UGM Laboratory of Photogrammetry and Geodetic Engineering Senses. The aim is to produce a survey system characterized by: (1) low cost; (2) easy to operate in the field; (3) good geometric and semantic quality according to conditions in Indonesia.

...helping to see your environment...

Start from 2003, as a research from the Department of Geodetic Engineering- Gadjah Mada University that provide aerial survey services with Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) for low-cost aerial mapping technique.

In 2009, we has start produced a low-cost survey instrument. Focus on GNSS technology, UAV for mapping, Mobile Mapping, Unmanned Surface Vessel (USV) for bathymetry, and Portable Lidar Technique.

We also has collaboration as agent for TERSUS OEM GNSS product and GEOSUN Lidar.

Our Specialties
GeoInformation Services

We provide services for Survey-Mapping activities mainly from Aerial Survey, GNSS , Lidar, and Bathymetry Technique Those technique produce Orthophoto Maps, Contour Terrain, Topography Maps, Bathymetry Maps, Digital Elevation Model, 3D modeling, Land Use Digitization, Boundary Survey, Volumetric Calculation, Area-Dimensioning measurement, and other Area valuation.

Manufacture Survey Instrument

We produce some low-cost survey instruments. Those based on GNSS/IMU, UAV, Camera, and Lidar technology. All of those instrument have own brand series, which are EGNSS for GNSS/IMU; POTRET for UAV Mapping; RC Bathymetry; TLS Lidar; Portable Lidar, Panoramic Camera, and GeoCam camera.

Image Interpretation

We process from image to information by using digital interpretation. This use some recent digital classification and DEM extraction technique, such as Machine Learning; Object Oriented; standard Area-Based; Interferometry SAR Interpretation. We Also produce GDEM+ (Global Digital Elevation Model) from Interferometry SAR Imagery