GeoCam precise Photo Geotagging

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GeoCam is a compact GPS/IMU system for direct Geo-referencing of digital camera. It has precise geotagging capability. GeoCam equipped with GNSS Receiver PPK (Post Processing Positioning) system for deriving precise positioning up to centimeter level accuracy.  This system makes your camera to be able as a measuring tools. This fit for many application such as Survey-Mapping, GIS, Asset/Property Survey, Infrastructure, Volumetric Analysis, 3D Modeling, Drone Mapping, Car-based mapping, etc.

Effective 15km from BASE or CORS

Position          :   Hz.    50 mm + 1 ppm

With PPK          Elev. 100 mm + 1 ppm

IMU Accuracy

(magnetic field calibration is good, and no magnetic field interference).

X Y axis         0.08°  (Roll Pitch)   and   Z axis             1.0°     (Yaw)




Main Feature
-Intervalometer Shutter
-Easy calibration
-Flexible mounting for many digital camera
-Live Track Streaming
-Powered with Power Bank
-Micro SD data Logger