EGNSS M2BN Geodetic GNSS Receiver

17.000.000 R

EGNSS M2BN is a compact multi frequency GNSS RTK receiver which offers real-time or post processing, data logger, and cost efficient centimeter level positioning capability as well as flexible interfaces for a number of applications. The M2BN Receiver is based on REAL (Ransac Enhanced Advanced Location) positioning engine. The RANSAC (Random Sample Consensus) based autonomous integrity monitoring algorithm is integrated for the observation anomalies caused by multipath and interference in urban environments. It can monitor pseudo-range, carrier phase, and Doppler observations in real-time and accurately eliminated the faulty satellites, thus achieving more stable positioning results.




    SV Channel Chipset NovAtel  OEM v.4 Compatible GPS                L1CA/L1C,L2C, L2P GLONASS       G1, G2 BDS                B1I, B2I BDS-3             B1I/B1C, B2a/B2b GALILEO        E1, E5b/E5a QZSS            L1CA/L1C, L2C
Environmental & reliability Operating temp. –40 °C to +85 °C Storage temp. –40 °C to +85 °C RoHS compliant (lead-free)
Interface i/o (Plug and Play) · Bluetooth · Mini USB Data Port · Micro SD Card Logger · Radio Telemetry Port · Shutter Camera Synch Cable · Protocols NMEA,  RTCM 3.3, NovAtel v4.0
Power Supply Any External Powerbank 5V
Accuracy Single Point     Horizontal           1.5m RMS Accuracy          Vertical                2.5m RMSRTK              Horizontal      1.0cm + 1ppm RMS Accuracy      Vertical            1.5cm + 1ppm RMSTiming Accuracy            20ns RMS Velocity Measurement Accuracy   0.05m/s RMS  
Data Rate Max. Raw Data                5Hz