9.500.000 R

EGNSS L1S is a compact single frequency GNSS RTK receiver which offers real-time or post processing, cost efficient centimeter level positioning capability as well as flexible interfaces for a number of applications, such as precision navigation, raw data logger, surveying-construction, Mobile GIS, Precise Geotagging and UAV / mobile mapping-PPK (Post Processing Kinematic).

  • -Effective 10km from BASE or CORS
  • -RTK / PPK     :   Hz.   15mm + 1 ppm and Elev. 50mm + 1 ppm
  • -DGPS             :  Hz.     <  100cm and Elev.   < 150cm
  • -Static Survey :   Hz.      5mm + 1 ppm and Elev.  20mm + 1 ppm

Main Features
1. -Raw data Logger for Post Processing
2. -BASE Receiver for UAV-PPK or others Differential GNSS Survey
3. -Working with Others Brand
4. -Ready for NTRIP-RTK
5. -Base for Mobile CORS streaming
6. -Ready for geotagging via Apk Geotagging+
7. -Ready Mobile GIS via Android Apk
8. -Ready stake-out or surveying via Android Apk
9. -Ready for External Geodetic Antenna